Philadelphia: Schuylkill Banks, Unitarian Church, Mint, and rollerblading trumpet man!

This is our last week living in Philadelphia. Here are a few things we've been able to see during our last weeks.

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30th Street Station: When it comes to train stations, Grand Central in NY probably gets the most attention, but 30th Street Station is a runner up. The building is massive. Even if you're not taking a train from the station, it's worth visiting for the art and architecture. It has also been shown in movies such as Unbreakable.

Schuylkill Banks Project: A huge project is underway to develop and revitalize property along the Schuylkill River. I visited the area a couple times when I lived nearby in 2001-2002 to be stupid and play by the train tracks. The area was dangerous and filled with trash and no one really ventured down there.

If you're into urban development or live in Philadelphia, this is an exciting project. The walking trails,
boardwalks, landscaping, bridges, and street accesses make a great community and exercise area. There are plans to run a tour ferry like the one in Paris. Follow this neat project here:

Philadelphia Mint: See how money is made! Short and sweet museum tour with windows overlooking where the magic happens. It's free and right across from the Liberty Bell and Constitution Museum.

Mi Lah Restaurant: Of the many vegan/vegetarian restaurant we ate at in Philadelphia, this would have to be my favorite. I was never a big fan of biscuits and gravy but I tried the vegan version for Sunday brunch and it was delicious.

First Unitarian Church: Built in 1812, this building has a deep history in Philadelphia. We went for a Sunday service. As a social community, the church seems great, but they still sing hymns and the message wasn't irrelevant to modern science (as are most churches but I expected more from the Unitarians).

Philadelphia Trolley and Subway: Even if you have a car, the public transportation system is a great experience. The underground trolley is almost like an amusement park ride if you sit near the front, some of the raised subway lines offer great views of the city. You can ride during "no pants day" for an extra thrill!

Pinot Boutique Wine Tasting: History mixed with wine! This shop located in the historic district offers multiple wine tastings and classes throughout the week. We went to Wines of the Continental Congress.

Milkboy Bar: Went to this bar to see another Ballroom Spies show. They have an amazing cider served in a canning jar with honey and whiskey. Also, in the below picture you can see the rollerblading trumpeter. A guy who rides around Philly playing the trumpet.

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